• Launge Room

Interior Design & Renovation

This property had solid foundations, so we had excellent structures to work with. However, we wanted to improve the home’s lighting and to maximise its space. We added timber floors to lighten up the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. We also painted the walls a neutral white to improve the illusion of space and to brighten up the home. We found that with these two small adjustments, these areas seemed larger and more spacious, both on a visual and physical level. The flow of natural light also improved, which in turn helped to create a light and relaxing atmosphere. 

We installed premium Caesarstone bench tops and white Colonial-style kitchen cabinets and drawers. The end result was a chic and modern kitchen that was able to balance its modernity and contemporaneity with the home’s traditional charm. These renovations upgraded this dated home and turned it into a gorgeous, Hamptons-style house, perfect for entertaining and modern living.