1. Are they licensed?

This is an obvious consideration that nonetheless may be overlooked. When choosing a company, ask yourself the question of whether or not the company is actually allowed to operate in your area. If necessary, check the details of the license in order to ensure that the business you’re dealing with is 100% legitimate, operates according to Australian standards, and holds public liability insurance.

2. Are they local?

Finding a company that’s local to your project isn’t necessary, but it can make things easier. A local company will more likely be familiar with local regulations, council requirements, and local stakeholders. These little things will help to minimise any potential hiccups along the way and will ultimately assist in streamlining your project timeline.

3. Are they good at communicating? 

A successful project relies on effective communication and collaboration. It’s crucial for the business you work with to listen to your vision and plan for your project. From the first time you reach out to a company, take note of their communication skills and how easy (or difficult) it is to get in touch. If they’re lacking on the communication front from the beginning, it’s likely for this to become an even bigger problem during the project.

4. Do they offer a warranty?

Construction projects no matter how big or small are significant financial commitments. Look for companies that offer warranties or guarantees to ensure your peace of mind during the project and after its completion. Additionally, make sure that these warranties and guarantees have been provided in writing.

5. Are they experienced?

Quality of workmanship is critical to the success of your project. Nobody wants to have to spend more money a few years down the track to repair and rectify poor quality jobs. Check how many years a construction company has been in the business and look through their previous projects. If needed, arrange a meeting to meet the contractor or project manager in person.

6. Do they cater to your budget?

Finally, make sure that the company is comfortable working with the budget you’ve provided them. Be honest with your budget and expectations and ensure that they’re honest in return.