• Dinning Area

Home Renovation Experts

This beach house in Inverloch was renovated so as to create an open living plan in which the kitchen, living area, and dining room flowed seamlessly into each other. The end result was a spacious and contemporary beachfront home that provides the perfect backdrop for summer holidays and entertaining. Since this home had such a stunning view of the beach, we chose to make minimal architectural interventions and to leave the gorgeous panoramic views as the focal feature of the home. We wanted to make sure that families would have a good access to this view from all points of this open room, so we chose to install mirror splash backs in the kitchen. These splash backs effectively work to reflect the ocean views from the kitchen, and also serve to create the illusion of additional space. Bright and vivid colours were chosen to complement the abundance of natural light and to create the lighthearted and relaxing atmosphere of a summer holiday home.