• Camberwell Renovation

Kitchen Design & Renovation

This kitchen renovation in Camberwell was completed in 2016. Since this home had such great access to natural light we wanted the kitchen to reflect this. Our goal was to create a relaxing and homey kitchen that encouraged an atmosphere of calm. 

Since this home had an open area layout in which the kitchen and living area flowed seamlessly into one another, it was important that we transformed the kitchen into a place in which people could spend time, relax, and entertain. With this in mind, we chose to install extra wide bench tops with plenty of counter space, as well as room for bar stools, so that those in the kitchen could easily communicate with those in the living area. On the other hand, we wanted to ensure that those cooking would be able to do so with ease, without the interruption of others, so we created extra counter space on the opposite side to allow for this.