• Bentleigh New Build

Townhouse Builders Bentleigh

Completed late in 2019, these two townhouses are perfect examples of contemporary suburban living. With striking architectural features, these new homes blend perfectly into the bustling suburb of Bentleigh, Victoria. Being located in a highly family-friendly area with a number of schools, cafes, and shops in close proximity to the site, we wanted to keep the modern family at the forefront of our thoughts during our decision-making and the construction process.

With a long hallway joining the entrance to the kitchen, dining, and living area, we wanted to create a feeling of expansiveness at the end of the hallway. We did this by creating an open area kitchen, dining, and living room at the rear of the home. We installed large sliding doors and picture windows in order to improve the home’s natural light circulation. Upstairs contains a separate entertainment area, as well as the master bedroom and ensuite, and the additional bedrooms.